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Africa Speaks 

The Universe Answers

The Universe Answers

                                Mission Statement 

As shepherds of galactic ancient world knowledge, our mission is to reintroduce the African culture and its classical music internationally and abroad. African classical music has been the primary conduit to all art forms, yet the popular misconception of African music as just drums is not all correct. The origins of African musicianship consist of many styles of authentic custom crafted instruments. We have set the stage in order for the world to view the beauty and hear the rhythmic and melodic instrumentation from these instruments. 

Through the use of African instruments and its rich culture we are dedicated to instructing inner-city youth who face major obstacles in their lives. Wide-spread violence, health disparity and poverty are just a few issues that are rampant in minority communities. African music has such a celestial frequency that it can induce feelings of love toward oneself which in turn pour over to others. In most cases, inner-city youth will never travel to the continent of Africa. My vision is to bring the best of Africa to them. The non-minority community can also be educated on the greatness of ancient African culture, music and dance. We serve as a viable source to help inner-city and international youth in stopping the violence and inducing love, compassion and unity among musicianship.  


We are a classical ensemble that will travel around the country and instruct inner-city youth to appreciate African history and culture through the use of music. The youth will be taught to play classical instruments by experienced professionals from Africa. They will also be taught African languages, African dance and related African history. The core curriculum will cover holistic African culture including African food, dress, customs and history including Ghana, Mali, Songhai empires. We have chosen the direct coordinates of countries whose history reflects the birthplace of Classical music. 


We instruct male and female youth starting at the age of six to seventeen, the program will also be open to adults who are interested in enrolling in separate beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. Any lover of humanities will be captivated by the celestial frequencies and feelings created from the ancient African sounds and rich African culture!   

African music is highly therapeutic and truly a great aid for autistic and other children who have various emotional disorders. These Africa instruments have served as both rhythmic therapy tools and recreational enjoyment. My dream is that when African instruments speak, the music of Africa can help heal the universe. In return the universe can help Africa rid Malaria, Ebola, Cholera and other infectious diseases, epidemics and natural disasters of the continent. We ask that you join us on this journey to help heal the universe and support Africa Speaks the Universe Answers. 

Abubakr Khouyate has over 40 years of drumming experience. He is widely recognized among his peers as a master drummer.

The Perfect Rhythm For Your Event!

There are special djembe rhythms for healing, celebration, boys, girls, women, men, old and young, sacred days, special places, honored guests and dignitaries, weddings, births, festivals, and flirtation.
  • Corporate Events

  • Weddings

  • Church Functions

  • School Assemblies

  • University Residency

  • Private Lessons

  • Weekly Classes

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